Tuesday, May 3, 2011

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Can a Family Have Too Many Things Going On?

As I write this, I realize that we have four children and life is going to be very busy, but sometimes I wonder if we can actually have tooooo many things going on in life. This weekend was one of those weekends. Here is the list of all the things we did and had going on:

1. Several loads of laundry to catch up on because of the previous Easter weekend and not being home.

2. Working on our remodel of our family room and trying to get as much done as possible before my husband who is a farmer gets in the field and has no time to work on it.

3. Helping my son do his 4-H project that needs to be done by this weekend, started and completed.

4. Helping some of my business partners with things that they needed help with.

5. Helping my 9 year old daughter take over the responsibilities of our local church bulletin.

Now that list does not include everything, LOL, but just the highlights. I felt I was running from one room to the next helping each with a step and then moving to the next room. It can sometimes feel like it's too much all at once but I always go back to the thought that these times are so precious. It may seem like there are so many things to do but I know I will miss it when the kids are grown and we won't have all the excitement. I'll post some pictures of the projects in progress and update again when everything is complete.

Are your weekends as busy and how do you make sure everything gets done.

Image of supplies required for bulletin board project.

Isn't it nice to see a boy ironing!!

Teamwork with mom!!

The final project - He will be judged on it this weekend. I will update you on the results and also post a picture of the poster board that he's completing to give the information on the project. 4-H is such a worthwhile organization for kids and really helps them learn to be responsible and complete projects and be able to talk about them. Public speaking I believe is always a good thing to start when they're young.

Hope you've enjoyed. Check back if you want the entire instructions for this project.

Have a GREAT Day!!