Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Today it has been exactly one year since our youngest, sweet little Braden was diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes at the age of six.  One year since our life changed drastically.  One year since we began to learn so much about a disease that we knew nothing about and honestly wish we still knew nothing about.

What we have learned in the last year:

How much more strong a family can become.

How much a family can learn about diabetes in one year:
     I never thought I would be able to learn the carbohydrate count on so many foods.  I started out with a calculator and a book but now I can give you a carb count on a meal in seconds most of the time.
     I know every multiple of 15 by heart.
     I know I can't check a blood sugar in the middle of the night without my "old lady" glasses (okay, okay - all day and night now).
     I know no matter how low the blood sugar my husband has only one speed and the other kids are much faster.
     I know it takes much more thought and planning to go anywhere - much less go on a long trip.
     I could go on and on and on!!!!

How much a 6 year old - now 7 - can learn about diabetes and checking his own blood sugar.

How much siblings can learn and help - some more readily than others - yes Trevor I know you're reading this.  LOL  But really how amazingly awesome, caring and loving they are.  Always there for a hand hold for a shot.

How much one person can do on VERY LITTLE sleep.

What the letters SWAG mean to D Moms (scientific wild ass guess) in calculating carbs and deciding how much insulin to give.  I have said many times that I think diabetes changes with the speed and direction of the wind.  Ughh!!

How very thankful I am for friends that will just listen and not try to fix things but just be that person that I can cry, scream or maybe both at the same time to.  Thank you all!!!

How many wonderful, amazing and awesome D Moms I've met.  (Insert Big Sobs Here - sniff!!)  You all have been such an inspiration and such an amazing support in the past year.  You all have taught me sooooo much.  I would not be SANE without all of you!!  Okay I'm not totally sane but I would be totally cuckooo without you.

But most of all I have learned PATIENCE!!!  Patience for the entire family that life has taken a new path and we will ride the wave TOGETHER.  Patience for Braden that you might have to wait a little longer to go play - after your shot child!!  LOL  And patience for me that as a mom who has always been a Type A, I Can Do It All mom, realizing that I Can't do it all; that I DO get tired and I DO get  very, very sad sometimes.  I have learned to let these sad times happen and just be still.  I can't jump into everything feet first and look back later.  I am and our whole family have been people that want to get involved in everything and do, do, do.  From day one I was going to write blogs, do research etc, etc, etc.  As you can see from my blog and blog headers that I haven't written blogs and that my focus on life has had to change.  I will quite fighting for that old life (this has taken me a year to realize - lol - stubborn).   God will give to me and our family what we can handle and will show us more when HE thinks we're ready.

So most importantly we celebrate Braden.  As everyone with Type 1 Diabetes does, he endures A LOT.  So many finger pricks I can't count.  So many shots I don't want to count (I could if I needed to because I have logged  every one down - See Type A mom - Ha!!).  So many highs and lows it makes your head spin.  BUT he smiles through it all, never complains and is still that AWESOME, SWEET boy.  We CELEBRATE YOU BRADEN!!!!!

Braden's Mom